Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tonight I made a mushroom risotto. Given that it is rather rich, creamy with lots of parmesan cheese, we needed something dry and white. First I wanted to go for a Chardonnay, any old one, but I found this Pouilly-Fumé on special offer and went for it. I have only had Pouilly-Fumé once or twice before and am not such an expert on white wine, but this one was really outstanding. It is very very dry and fresh. It's exactly right as either an aperitif or with a vegetarian meal like risotto.
This 100% sauvignon wine is perfect. Really crisp, sharp, and with no flowery or ripe sweet fruit taste, but rather a minty, grassy and young flavour, this is really good. The colour of this one was particularly light, almost like water, with a very thin consistency given the high level of acidity and given its young age (2005). It's one of the white wines that is good to keep for a couple of years. But it does not hurt having one now. Go for it. On special offer at Waitrose. Producer: Domaine J.M. Masson-Blondelet. Posted by Picasa

Alcohol-free Chardonnay

I was very surprised to find this wine at Tesco's the other day. I have heard of low alcohol Lambrini, alcohol free beer, but I have never seen alcohol free wine before. This Chardonnay has 0.05% alcohol and therefore passes as alcohol-free. The taste is rather rubbish. It's pretty awful actually. The wine which is supposed to have its alcohol "carefully removed" has instead received a number of other additives including fructose and flavouring, which makes this a relatively dreadful drink. I'd recommend the alcohol-free Becks instead! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 18, 2006

d'Arenberg Viognier Marsanne

Beautiful fresh wine with a green tint and lemony tangy taste. This wine comes from the big Australian producer d'Arenberg. Highly recommended. Posted by Picasa

Beaujolais Nouveaux 2006

After checking out Oddbins, Nicholas and Waitrose on the offical release date this past Thursday, without any luck, I found this one at Waitrose today. Just thinking that it has been only a number of weeks since the grapes of this wine were still on the vines makes this a very interesting tasting. The colour is very pinkish red with a tint of violet. The smell is of fresh summer fruit like grenadine and cassis. I think I can also taste a bit of licorice in there, but I beg anyone to challenge me on that. Overall I have to say it is a very nice Beaujolais. And that's coming from someone who is usually not very keen on this wine. I'd recommend it. And the price of under a fiver is tempting me of maybe getting a second bottle at my next Waitrose visit! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crozes Hermitage again

... like the Crozes Hermitage, our second wine of the evening. A very good wine with cheese as it was stronger, rougher, not so refined, and gave a good balance to a strong taste of cheese. Even on the second night (tonight) it goes very well on it's own, tastes a bit of olives actually, and goes perfect with chocolate as a dessert.
Get it! (Majestic) Posted by Picasa

Rasteau again

First wine of the night. Very refined. Smooth, easy to drink. Nice Shiraz taste, but not really that much strength. You could miss the roughness of the typical Rhone wine. This is a bit more modern. Fruity, oaky, good body. It was a bit light for the strong cheese though. We had mature cheddar, Irish washed cheese, and Irish St. Gall.
Next time have a stronger wine with the cheese... Posted by Picasa

The fine company of a shepherds pie

This was the Chateauneuf du Pape we bought in Chateauneuf du Pape in April at the Caves de Brotte. At 1996 it is the oldest one I have in stock. Since my parents were over, it was time to open it. It went well with the Shepherds Pie. Very typical for Chateauneuf. Good spicy flavour, ripe fruit, plums. The colour was also slightly brown from the aging, and I was actually quite surpised about the quality as I thought the warm temperature in our flat would have spoilt it. At about 20 Euros the bottle it's about the same as you'd pay in a London wine shop, although where do you find a 1996 Chateauneuf? Posted by Picasa


This was the aperitif of Friday night. From M&S at a special offer of 9.99 this was actually quite nice. A bit oaky, but very nice. Recommended! Posted by Picasa