Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Wine Society - Pinotage 2003


This one is a good one! South African Pinotage is still one of my favourite reds. Although very much on the sweet side, almost jam like, it is absolutely delicious and probably the most easy drinking red around. This is the first slightly older one that I have tried of this grape variety and I have to say it is very good. Next time I'd buy a case of this if I had that wine cellar.... one day!
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Cote de Nuits-Village

Bought this one along with a Mercurey of the same big name producer of the Burgundy region. They were meant to be drunk with friends over a Chinese new years dinner at ours but somehow we ended up drinking 1997 Chianti Reserva instead which was fantastic. The Cote de Nuits-Village was good too though. Very dry and with tannins. Not really an easy drinking wine even though you would think so of a lightly coloured red. The next one in review was much more easy drinking...
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Baron de Brane 2005

Our wedding wine was the 2004. I tried this half bottle out of curiosity, especially since 2005 was supposed to be the great year of the Bordeaux. While it tasted good, this one was definitely too young. It was interesting though to look out for the potential in this wine. Being a second wine of a grand cru, from one of the best vintages ever, it certainly had something special about it. You could taste the ripe deep fruit, even though still very fresh, odd in a way. I would definitely recommend putting this one away for at least 5 years before trying it. That's what we are doing with our left over wedding wines...
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